64 Days of Summer

This past summer I had the pleasure of spending most of it in Europe, particularly in France. While waiting to board my flight back to the United States at Charles de Gaulle Airport, I wrote an essay to share with family and friends about the amazing summer I had experienced. Even though I know words will never fully explain the incredible adventure had, I hope my summer musings inspire you to live your own 64 days of Summer.

I would like to give special thanks to my dearest friend and author Adria J. Cimino for posting my travel essay on her blog… This was an incredible summer for me. http://adriainparis.blogspot.fr/2015/09/guest-post-64-days-of-summer.html

Written by Raquel Segura for the Je Suis. PARIS Blog. Looking for a fabulous vacation that brings you up close and personal with Paris and it’s locals? Check out New Year in Paris tour.

About the Author
Raquel is recognized by many to be one of the leading experts on bespoke, luxury travel and entertaining in France and Europe. She is a world-class traveler with an eye for the finest details. For the last few years she has been leading intimate groups to some of her favorite destinations throughout Europe. Raquel is the proud mother of her favorite travel partners (Daniel 19 & Savannah 16). An entrepreneur who believes in empowering other women. An avid reader and wannabe writer. A true Francophile. Owner of Je Suis. PARIS. A culture aficionado who enjoys learning new languages, tasting wines from around the world and experiencing all different cuisines. Raquel has lived throughout the New York City metro area, Dominican Republic and currently resides in South Florida. When she is not jet-setting around the globe she can often be found riding around town on her blue Vespa lovingly named “Valentina.”

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