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Here are some of the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions we receive. If you have additional questions, which we still have not answered, please call us (954) 606-5918 or (888) 746-0836 or email us and we will be glad to discuss with you other aspects of the trip.

Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions of your selected tour.

  • Why is Je Suis. PARIS designed only for women?

    Je Suis. PARIS believes in empowering women and celebrating the female spirit. What’s wrong with men? Nothing in general — men can be great! However, when it comes to vacations, especially those that take place around pampering, shopping, fashion, art, tastings, etc. men tend to not be as fun as a group of like minded ladies.

    For one thing, you get to focus on yourself, not your family, work or your daily routine. Je Suis. PARIS is all about YOU! And that’s a welcome change because in your daily life, you are constantly multi-tasking which doesn’t allow you much time to think about yourself and your needs. It’s a great way to get away and treat yourself to the time off you deserve.

    A Je Suis. PARIS tour can also provide a much needed change of scenery, a venue to meet (and make) new friends, some time to reconnect with yourself, and opportunities to discover a brand new you.
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  • Why should I travel with Je Suis. PARIS?

    Because we are quite familiar with Paris, where we benefit from an extensive network of partners, friends and qualified local experts - people who will offer participants an insider’s point of view of their cultures and the kind of access usually reserved for locals. Our groups are small (max 10 guests), which fosters camaraderie and creates a friendly atmosphere during the programs. We don’t compromise on quality to lower costs and the hotels and restaurants we include in our programs are the finest and most beautiful. Our Travel Leaders and guides are familiar with the locals and offer the highest standards of international travel, taste, culture and savoir-faire. If you travel with Je Suis. PARIS, we guarantee that your voyage will be pleasant, sophisticated and world-class – the experience of a lifetime.

    We cater to things that women love – shopping, visiting the many different areas of Paris as well as museums/galleries and enjoying good food and wine. We also take you deep into the culture of the places we visit. You won’t have to feel intimidated visiting a foreign country on your own because you are part of an elite group. We are low-key and you will NEVER feel like a tourist when on a Je Suis. PARIS tour. By the way, what is the meaning of Je Suis. PARIS you ask? In French, it means I AM. Paris.

    Do you need any other reason to travel with us? Call us (954) 606-5918 or e-mail Email [email protected]
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  • What age/status group does Je Suis. PARIS tours cater to?

    Je Suis. PARIS’ers can be any age, married, single, divorced, widowed or in a relationship. They are women with sophisticated tastes who want to experience the best Paris has to offer. We encourage women of all ages (21 years and older, except on certain Mother/Daughter & customized tours) to travel with us. The spirit is ageless! When a trip will require above average physical activity we will state that. If you have any medical problems that may limit your travel, please check with your physician for assessment. Je Suis. PARIS trips will require lots of walking, as Paris is best experienced on foot. The ages in our groups will range from 21-101, but most members are in between 30’s and early 50’s.
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  • How many persons can reserve a place for a Je Suis. PARIS trip?

    Je Suis. PARIS is not a large bus tour or large packaged tour. Instead, our select activities and personal attention require small and intimate groups. All Je Suis. PARIS groups are limited to ten (10) guests with a minimum of six (6) for tour viability. Don’t worry about not knowing anyone on the tour, most of our participants are solo travelers. Plus, we always host a video chat “getting to know you” online party before each scheduled departure.
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  • When does a Je Suis. PARIS tour become viable?

    Je Suis. PARIS tours are guaranteed to run once six (6) or more guests book it; we usually have that information around 60 – 90 days prior to the departure date. Only after the minimum number of guests in the group is guaranteed will we ask you to pay the balance of the tour cost. If we don’t reach the minimum number of people, your full deposit will be refunded.
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  • What is included in the tour price?

    Each tour is different, however, most include chic boutique hotel accommodations, all breakfasts, Charles de Gaulle roundtrip transfers, transportation during the tour’s scheduled programs, experienced Tour Leader, specialized local guides, Lunch/Dinner/Cocktails according to each particular itinerary, admission to burlesque show, suggestions and addresses for free time, assistance with sales tax refund at departure, and much more. See our Tour Information and Tour Dates Pages for more information.
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  • What is not included?

    Airfare, passport or visa fees, travel and health insurance, telephone expenses, drinks unless specified, excess baggage charges, tips and services unless listed in the program and all items of a personal nature. See our Tour Information and Tour Dates Pages for more information.
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  • Where does the tour start and how do I get there?

    Tour starts at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Specific information on how to get there in time to join the group will be provided when you register – airlines serving the area, schedules, etc. We will be glad to help you at no extra charge to reserve your flights and transfers to/from airport/home at your destination of origin.
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  • What if I arrive late and miss a feature on the tour?

    We regret that no refunds can be made for absences from parts of the tour, including but not limited to, missed meals or sightseeing.
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  • Can I stay longer or arrive earlier?

    Yes, please contact us anytime. We are more than happy to arrange the necessary details on any itinerary.
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  • Are partial refunds available if I choose not to participate in the group activity planned each day?

    Unfortunately no, we cannot refund any portion of the tour price for non-participation in a planned activity.
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  • What about the Travel Leaders?

    The goal of Je Suis. PARIS Travel Leaders is to take the hassle out of your travels and help you feel comfortable in Paris and in getting around the city with ease. These professionals can answer many questions you may have about Paris, and offer suggestions for things to do and see, recommend great local eating venues and other attractions and introduce you to our local friends.
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  • Do I have to know how to speak French?

    Paris is an international city and many Parisians, particularly those catering to tourists, speak English well or have at least a basic knowledge. Don’t be afraid to turn out a few phrases, the French love it when you attempt to speak their language! A simple smile offered with a friendly bonjour or a polite merci will always be welcomed.

    Prior to each departure Je Suis. PARIS will host a web-event to introduce you to our Travel Leaders, network of partners and review what to expect on our tours. At that time, we will provide you with the best techniques to blend into French culture and Parisian society. This web-event will also provide you with the opportunity to meet the other participants traveling on this tour.
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  • What is the best time of year to take one of your tours?

    Je Suis. PARIS tours are scheduled year round. Paris has a temperate climate, with generally mild conditions throughout the year. Generally we recommend the months of April, May, June, July, September and October as the most comfortable months for travel to France.
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  • Do I need insurance?

    Travel insurance is strongly recommended. Call us (954) 606-5918 or email us, we can assist you if you wish to add insurance to your tour.
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  • Will I need a passport?

    Passports are required for traveling outside the USA. Your passport should be valid for six months beyond the conclusion of your trip.
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  • Do I need a visa?

    Citizens of United States do not need visas to visit France as a tourist for up to three months. Please note that obtaining visas can take up to six weeks prior to your departure. It is strongly advised that you consult your local Consulate or Embassy of France, well in advance to determine which visas you require and how to obtain them.
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  • What type of hotels does Je Suis. PARIS work with?

    We select only chic boutique hotels for our programs; we favor small hotels with fewer rooms and excellent service, and we check every detail – from room size and comfort to the type of meals served and the distance to main sites and attractions – before we choose a hotel for our groups. As we work with different hotels depending on availability, we do not inform the name of the hotel the group will be staying until 30 days prior to departure.
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  • Can I room with my friend?

    Yes. If two guests would like to room together they must both notify us in writing as early as possible.
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  • What if I want a single room?

    Our hotel contracts are based on double occupancy. If you would like a single room, additional fees will apply.
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  • How do I get around during the tour program?

    All Je Suis. PARIS groups are led by foot and transported private chauffeured vehicle also during the scheduled programs. The vehicles we select are all brand new and equipped with air conditioning, and we personally choose our drivers to make sure they are courteous, friendly and helpful. Je Suis. PARIS trips will require lots of walking, as Paris is best experienced on foot
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  • What types of meals are served during the tour programs?

    We personally select the restaurants, bistros and taverns where we have group meals. We choose them based on their outstanding cuisine, comfort and authentic charm of the places favored by locals.
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  • Can I request special dietary meals?

    The meals on tour will provide you with a balanced diet and are based on local foods and menus. We can accommodate guests who prefer a vegetarian diet and can assist with diabetic or other medically recommended diets. Please notify us in writing well in advance of departure. We regret that we are unable to supply meals in accordance with strict religious requirements.
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  • Are Tips Included?

    Included: Gratuities for restaurant staff of the meals that are part of the program.

    The recommended gratuity amounts are as follows: Travel Leaders $10 per day, Drivers $5 per day and local guides $5 per day. These however are at your discretion.
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  • Do I need additional money?

    France’s currency is the Euro. Most expenses are included in the cost of the trip. When on your own, you will need money for some lunches, dinners, shopping, additional spa services, alcohol, laundry, telephone, and custom fees as appropriate. ATM machines are readily available and the easiest way for you to access funds as needed. Upon arrival at the local airport, the first stop can be to the ATM machine. It is best to have a Mastercard or Visa with you. Often times, American Express is not accepted.

    IMPORTANT TIP: Call your bank and credit card companies to advise them of your travel dates and destinations.
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  • What should I bring?

    Travel light. Never overpack. Dress stylish and comfortably – layers usually work well. Remember comfortable walking shoes (NEVER new shoes). A travel umbrella with a lightweight raincoat is always a good idea. Call (954) 606-5918 or email us, if you have any questions.
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  • How safe is Paris for women?

    Common sense should be your guide when traveling anywhere. Paris is considered a safe destination and generally, European cities are safer than many American cities. The most common menace in Paris are pickpockets who prey on ‘easy targets.’ You can easily shield yourself from this by carrying an across-the-shoulder bag, and keeping your valuables out of sight and close to your body. The odd “drageur,” a man who professes his undying love to female passersby, and the threat they pose is one of annoyance or amusement more than anything.
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  • If I’m traveling alone, will I feel uncomfortable?

    Most participants are traveling alone and feel quite comfortable in our small groups, which foster a sense of camaraderie.
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  • Can children be part of the groups?

    No, we ask that our participants be 21 or older (with the exception of certain Mother/Daughter tours). However, if you would like to arrange a tour with a child, we will be happy to arrange a custom tour just for you (individual or group).
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  • What Happens if I get lost while on my own?

    Our clients are always encouraged to get “lost” as every street hides something new. At the beginning of your tour we will provide you with a map of Paris. If you are truly lost and don’t have the map we provided, you can go into any Métro station and check out the large wall maps to get your bearings. Just follow the line from that Métro station back to your hotel Métro stop. And voila! You’re home in no time. View the Paris Metro map.
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  • Can I use my electrical appliances?

    Electrical current in Europe varies from that in the US. Some newer appliances have dual voltage but if not, we suggest you carry a converter for your small electrical appliances to prevent damage. Additionally, plugs and outlets in Europe differ from that in the US, so you’ll need a universal electrical travel adaptor in order to use your appliances.
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  • Can I drink the water in France while on my tour?

    Yes, the water in France is potable.
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  • Will I have free time?

    There will be free time for you to explore on your own or with other group members. If you have specific interests, please let us know what they are when you sign up for the tour so we can give you related information and addresses. Because every trip is carefully planned, special activities will be enjoyed by the group each day. However, our clients will have time to shop or walk along the Seine or just relax in a café or in a beautiful park along with the Parisians.
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  • Can I organize a tour just for myself, family, friends or clubs?

    Absolutely! Just ask us and we can customize a Je Suis. PARIS tour for you and your friends to celebrate that special birthday, graduation, job promotion or other event or milestone. Then again, who needs a reason to get together in an exotic locale with your favorite gal pals and go on a bit of an adventure? Yes, we are happy to arrange specific trips for families, book clubs, wine clubs, mothers and daughters, friends, sisters, and businesswomen. We craft each journey with great attention to details and dreams!
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  • Do you offer any incentives for anyone that wants to create their own group?

    Yes! If you have a group of at least 10 people, Je Suis. PARIS can offer you a FREE tour as the Group Leader. This offer cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotional offers. Contact us for further details.
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  • What if Je Suis. PARIS cancels a tour?

    Je Suis. PARIS may cancel a tour if circumstances beyond our control – weather related disasters, strikes, war, terrorism or civil unrest – may deem travel unsafe at our destination, or if we don’t reach a minimum number of guests for a group (6). In such cases a full refund of your deposit and all other payments will be made, or you may choose to transfer your payments to another tour at a later date.
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  • What if I have to cancel my tour? What is Je Suis. PARIS cancellation/refund/transfer policy?

    Please read our Terms and Conditions for your specific tour.
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